BMA Tuition

Registration fee is: $50.00

The registration fee is a non-refundable fee. The fee allows you to reserve a seat in the academy since seats are limited.

The BMA provides six months training curriculum. Students will pay tuition monthly. The BMA highly recommends that students pays tuition per trimester for true commitment and learning gains during the six month curriculum.


Course tuition will vary depending on the students level. Classes are provided 4 hours a week, twice a week.

Hourly cost: $12.50

Monthly cost: $200.00


Hourly cost: $15.00

 Monthly cost: $240.00


Hourly cost: $15.00

Monthly cost: $240.00

Private Lessons:

Hourly cost: $39.99

The private lessons are 1 hour sessions and you will be scheduled based on the availability of your instructor.

Schedule 10 sessions and get two free

Schedule 15 sessions and get three free

Payment Methods