How to Enroll

Register Here

Complete our online registration form. Registrations are accepted until the class is filled. 

BMA Policies

A full attendance and participation is expected for all scheduled class times for which students have registered, including concerts and events.

Students who have missed the registration deadline have two options:

  1. Students can enroll in private lessons to and later enroll in scheduled group sessions
  2. Students will be placed on a wait list for the next enrollment session

Makes-ups and refunds are not granted at the BMA for regularly scheduled classes. Students who wish to review lessons missed, may schedule a paid private session with their instructor.

In case of emergencies, the instructor will notify the students for class cancellation.  The instructor is expected to reschedule for make-up times with the students.

The BMA’s registration fee is non-refundable. No refunds will be made after the first week of sessions.

Pictures and videos will be taken occasionally for the academy’s publicity purposes. Students will be asked to agree or opt out of media agreements during registration.